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Alcohol Prep Pads

Headlines tell the tales of deadly drug resistant staph infections. These infections can come as a result of small wounds that are improperly cared for. A simple prevention method to avoid infections, including drug resistant types, is to cleanse the skin prior to creating a break or puncture in the skin, such as before inserting a hypodermic or making an incision. By cleaning the skin with alcohol prep pads prior to creating an opening can be life saving due to the infections that this small step prevents. A selection of alcohol prep pads at is a small price to pay for the potential benefits. Our variety of choices at Medical Supplies Equipment Company of products to prepare the skin before cutting are available for even smaller prices than our competitors. The life that is saved could be your patient's or your own.


When purchasing alcohol prep pads it is imperative to instruct those who will be using them as to their proper function. Unlike wound cleansers, alcohol prep pads should not be used on open cuts or scrapes. The alcohol content in them is too high. Using these on open wounds could cause tissue damage and inhibit rather than aid the healing process. Their intended purpose is to clean the skin before inserting a needle or making a cut. By cleaning the skin prior to breaking it, germs on the skin's surface are cleared away. This means that there is less of a chance that they will get into the opening where they could potentially lead to infections. These are especially useful for patients who have to daily administer medicine via needle or do frequent skin prick tests, such as those with diabetes.


In addition to sterilizing the skin, alcohol prep pads are also useful pieces to have in home first aid kits and physician's offices. There they can be used to clean any piece of equipment which is used by more than one patient. Alcohol prep pads could be used to rid the surfaces of thermometers and stethoscopes of germs prior to their use. This also helps to prevent patient to patient transfer of infection-causing viruses and bacteria.


Many of our alcohol prep pads customers are patients, or they are from clinics or small medical facilities. In those areas, budgets are often extremely tight, but needs are very high. Here at Medical Supplies Equipment Company we understand this. That is why we strive to make the best quality alcohol prep pads and medical supplies available to you for the lowest cost, and that cost is even lower for those in the medical arena. By signing up for our medical professionals discount you can save even more money. Please allow us one to two business days for processing your request before you order.


If you did not find the alcohol prep pads you are looking for, please post a question to our expert or contact us toll free at 1-877-706-4480, and we will find what you are looking for at the best possible price.


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