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All About Portable Oxygen Tanks & Cylinders

Whether you're the one who uses oxygen or you need to help someone else with their oxygen needs, portable oxygen tanks can make your life a lot easier.  By adding convenience to this necessary supply, you don't have to be homebound or the patient doesn't need to stay at home in order to get their oxygen requirements.  There several things which make a portable oxygen tank easier on everyone – the weight, the design, and the ease of use.  Here's what you should know before you choose the right one for you or for someone you love.


The Weight of the Matter


First of all, a portable oxygen tank doesn't have to be made out of a heavy material to be safe to use and to operate.  In fact, some of the newer models now are made out of aluminum, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also far lighter than older models.  These portable oxygen tanks are simple enough for anyone to carry, which makes them simpler to place into the car or into a backpack, if you like.  You can even carry more than one tank at a time, helping you ensure that you have plenty of backup oxygen on hand, should you need it.  This is especially important when you are traveling or when you are getting onto a plane.


Shape Counts Too


Of course, if a portable oxygen tank is large, this is be hard to fit through doors and other cramped spaces.  This is why more portable oxygen tanks today are being shaped into a thin cylinder instead of a large tube-like shape.  These are easy to fit into holders on a wheelchair or in a backpack, while also making it easier to maneuver and to handle.  These oxygen tanks can then be placed into even the smallest of cars or on planes without interrupting anyone else's space.  The cylinder shape also helps because you can find these tanks in large and small sizes, making them perfect for any situation when you might need oxygen on the go.


When It's Easy to Operate, It's Easy on You


If a portable oxygen tank is hard to operate, you will definitely not be using it as well as you could.  The smaller portable oxygen tanks are simpler to operate as they were meant to be used on the go, so nearly anyone should be able to use these tanks, replace these tanks, and monitor their oxygen levels.  The regulator should be easy to read and the tubing should be simple to attach to the main valve.  You should also check to make sure the knob to turn on the oxygen flow is simple to turn.


Portable oxygen tanks are becoming the mainstay for those who have a need for oxygen.  No longer having to be housebound is a tremendous benefit to this portable oxygen tank design, but being able to continue the healthy flow of oxygen is the most important benefit of all for you or for your loved one.