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Arglaes Antimicrobial Film Dressings Film Dressing, 4-8in Arglaes Island Antimicrobial Dressing(10cm x 12cm) w/ Alginate Pad

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Arglaes Film Dressing with Alginate Pad

Item# Z5419CSMDM

This dressing is seeded with ionic silver. It maintains an antimicrobial barrier for up to 7 days, continuously releasing silver ions. 4in x 4in (2in x 2in pad) 10/box.


  • Seeded with ionic silver in the film and the adhesive with the addition of a calcium alginate pad
  • Releases silver ions through use of controlled release polymers
  • Consistent, sustained-activity of silver provides antimicrobial barrier action that is completely non-cytotoxic
  • Calcium alginate pad is highly absorbent and facilitates a moist healing environment at the wound surface which is also conducive to wound healing
  • Film also has a high moisture-vapor transmission rate to help maintain a moist healing environment
  • Antimicrobial barrier utilizes a sustained-activity, silver-based polymer
  • Provides better wound healing environmen
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Effective barrier against a broadspecturm of microbes
  • Virtually pain free, wash away removal of alginate
  • Highly absorbent
  • Alginate pad effective for five days (antimicrobial barier maintains full efficacy for seven days)
  • For moderately to heavily exuding wounds, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, dermal ulcers and any other wet wound
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