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Adult CO2 Absorbers

Item# A-027-00ACA

CO2 Absorber - Adult - w/Directional & Scavenging Valves - Pressure Manometer - Canisters (2)


  • This mechanically simplified dual chamber absorber with cam action locking device (integral part of the cover) locks or releases the refillable absorption chambers by revolving the cover 90.
  • Total chamber volume: 2400cc


  • Scavenging valve  - Item # 311-00ACA (19mm male connection)
  • Inspiratory and expiratory directional valves (22mm male connections)
  • Bag mount (7/8" connection)
  • Fresh gas inlet (5/16" barb)
  • Manometer - Item # 991-00ACA
  • A 1/2" dia. rod 3" long is supplied for mounting
  • Total chamber volume: 2400cc - in two 1200cc chambers (stacked)
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