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Left & Right Breakaway Arms Option Sleeper & Transport Chair Accessories Leg Extension

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Left & Right Folding Side Table Option


This folding side table option is for medical recliners & transporter chairs.

3/22/2009 9:01:05 AM
Question: Can you tell me if the R-L1TFCRNKM folding side table can be attached to the 051RPGLT chair. No dimensions ormethod of attachment are given. This isin a medical environment so has to be stable, and do not want to damage chairover time. Thank you

Left & Right Folding Side Table (R-L1TFCRNKM) and EZ Seat Power Lift Chair - Small (051RPGLT) are made by two different manufacturers and installation instructions are not available.  Left & Right Folding Side Table works with the following chairs:

Side table is not available for Seat Power Lift Chair - Small

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