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Sofnit 200 Reusable Underpads w/ Wings, 36in X34in Disposable & Reusable Underpads Sofnit 200 Reusable Underpads, 32in x 36in
Reusable Underpads
Reusable Underpads
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Sofnit 200 Reusable Underpads, 30in x 36in


These reusable underpads are designed with a good combination of durability and economy.


  • Perfect for those who want durability but do not need as much absorbency
  • Provide patient comfort at an economical price
  • It offers good stain resistance and high heat resistance during drying
  • Lighter weight cotton and poly
  • Durable twill face fabric offers stain resistance
  • The total weight of the pad is lower than many other styles
  • Light absorbency level
  • Latex free
  • Square corners


  • Length: 36in
  • Width: 30in
  • Absorption capacity: 6oz
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