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Why UV Air Purifiers Really Get The Job Done

Air Duct Disinfection System

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54 CFM Room Air Sanitizer

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Air Duct Disinfection Unit

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There is no doubt that there are more allergens, irritants, germs and contaminants in our air today than in the past, and this concern only continues to grow.


The World Health Organization estimates that approximately one third of all buildings around the world contain air and contaminants in the air that create unhealthy work conditions. These designated "sick buildings" lead to billions of lost income and profit for companies per year, plus they have the much more relevant impact of causing minor to life threatening health conditions.

UV air purifiers have finally arrived on the market that are both manageable in cost, highly portable as well as highly effective and efficient. The types of UV air purifier units available range from more traditional types of filtration units that move the air through HEPA filters, activated carbon and then through intensive UV light to those that use UV light exclusively to destroy airborne contaminants. Both of these options are fast acting, even on very significant and resistant types of microscopic contaminants such as Staphylococcus, Influenza A and even Tuberculosis in just a matter of minutes.


Traditional types of disinfectants and sanitizers do have their place. When used in conjunction with an ultraviolet air purifier system or unit the results of both types of sterilization can be very comprehensive. However, when disinfectants, no matter how effective, are used in isolation they are less than ideal. To understand this concept it is important to look to the health care industry where even highly sterile environments can still harbor deadly bacteria, viruses and germs. UV air purifiers provide that extra layer of protection that not only sterilizes the air, but they also prevent spread and transmission of the contaminants to other areas of the building, healthcare or hospital facility.


UV air purifiers have the advantage of killing airborne particles and microns, something that standard disinfectants simply cannot accomplish. In addition the ultraviolet light purifier sends UV light into all areas of the room or area being treated, there is no area that is not treated, provided light can access that point. Traditional disinfectants are not nearly as effective in this aspect, plus they simply do not sterilize the air, providing opportunities for the microns and contaminants to simply be transferred from the air to a hospitable growing medium.


Not only do UV air purifiers remove the harmful germs, contaminants, allergens and mold spores from the air, they can also help to eliminate odors. Often odors come from the air conditioning coils themselves, where moist, dank and humid conditions provide an ideal growing area. Actual hospital tests in Texarkana, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii lead to up to a 30% rejuvenation of the HVAC system as well as improved air quality and decreased odor problems within the facilities. Government and private offices all across the United States that have used ultraviolet air purifier systems either as portable units or as a treatment for their HVAC systems have noticed a similar positive change in the quality of air and the effectiveness of contaminant and irritant control.