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Strep A Antigen Test

Strep A Antigen Test

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Having a medical test kits in the physician's office saves the time and cost of sending samples to the lab.  Most people seek instant gratification, and that desire does not diminish during an office visit. Many patients are impatient and do not want to wait for results to come back from a lab for the culture that the doctor or nurse just took. With almost instant results from a medical test kits, the doctor or nurse can ease the frustration of the patient, and give them prompt advise.


When a doctor does a culture in the office, immediate results are ideal. This is especially true in the case of taking a strep culture, when the patient is usually a screaming child accompanied by a harried parent. The pediatrician must know if he should begin an antibiotic regime immediately in order to lessen the chances of complications. Most in-office medical test kits will give results within five minutes. For many pediatricians and nurses, this could not be soon enough. Thanks to the prompt data given by medical test kits the right prescription can be written before the patient leaves the office.


A sore throat in a patient who has been exposed to strep is a large indicator of a possible strep infection, but streptococcus bacteria needs a course of antibiotics to fully be defeated. The sooner this regime can be started, the sooner the patient can begin the road to recovery and be less of an infection risk to his family. A definite positive medical test kits result must be gained before prescribing antibiotics. If the cause of the sore throat is not streptococcus or another bacteria, antibiotics will not help. It is important that antibiotics are not haphazardly given. Patients who take antibiotics for an illness that is viral, will not be helped at all, and in fact they could be creating an environment in which drug-resistant bacteria can grow. Knowing when to prescribe antibiotics to fight bacterial infections is one way that the practitioner can avoid worsening the cases of drug-resistant bacteria.


Strep test strips must be quick an easy to use, since in many cases, such as in pediatrics, the patient is not cooperative during the swab. For a young child with a sore throat to be told to sit still while the doctor or nurse sticks a swab into their pained region is like asking a teenager to do his homework. Both cases will be met with clamped mouths and perhaps some kicking and screaming. If such is the case when taking a throat culture, sample for the medical test kit must be gained quickly and as painlessly as possible for the patient's comfort. 


Medical test kits give the practitioner invaluable information with their immediate results. They can advise the physician on the proper treatment through their accurate diagnosis. Often the data that they give is the key diagnostic factor, especially in cases of strep throat. While time is taken to obtain the culture from the patient for a strep test strips , the time saved by not having to wait for lab results is more than worth it. Luckily, the price of these diagnostic tools is much less than their value, and the cost makes it reasonable for the physician to have keep his office well-stocked with medical test kits