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6 Place Variable Speed Centrifuge Speed 4000 RPM 6 Place Rotor Centrifuges Fixed Angle 6 Place Lab Centrifuge
Centrifuge with 3 Interchangeable Rotors
Centrifuge with 3 Interchangeable Rotors
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Centrifuge with 3 Interchangeable Rotors

Item# 588CUCO

This is a centrifuge with three rotor options: a 6-place fixed angle blood tube, a 24-place microhematocrit and a 24-place microtube has a variable speed up to 13000 RPM.


  • Variable speed up to 13000 RPM
  • 6-Place tube rotor
  • 24-Place microhematocrit rotor
  • 24-Place microtube rotor
  • Zero RPM lid safety lock and rotor unbalance sensor
  • Automatic rotor recognition
  • Digital timer 0-99 min
  • Maintenance free brushless super quite  and powerful DC motor
  • Detachable power cord with fuse holder in plug housing
  • Exterior is chemical resistant and easy to clean and disinfect
  • Lid window for strobe tachometer RPM check
  • Digital LCD display and push button control panel are designed to give the user complete control throughout the spin cycle
  • The intuitive push button control panel is designed to make you feel comfortable with your new centrifuge right away
  • Open” button is disengaged while the rotor is in motion


  • Size: 11.6in x 10.3in x 9.3in
  • Shipping size: 12.7in x 12.7in x 12.2in
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 19.4 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Voltage Preview
24 Place Rotor for Micro-Tube Centrifuge 24 Place Rotor for Micro-Tube Centrifuge
(sold seperately)

This is accessory for the microhematocrit centrifuge.


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