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CO2 Incubator 6.0 cu
CO2 Incubator 6.0 cu
CO2 Biomedical Incubator 6.0 cu
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CO2 Biomedical Incubator 6.0 cu

Item# MCO-18ACL

Ideal for research and clinical microbiology, this incubator offers a high performance solution for mainstream cell culture applications in the research and clinical environment.



  • Wide Range of Applications
  • InCu-saFe® Copper Stainless Steel Alloy
  • SafeCell UV Protection (for UV Models)
  • Direct Heat and Air Jacket System
  • Integrated Microprocessor Control


  • INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 19.3in x 20.6in x 26.2in 
  • INTERIOR VOLUME: 170 L (6.00 cu.ft.)
  • OUTER DOOR: Painted Steel
  • SHELVES: 17.7in x 17.7in 
  • ACCESS PORT: Inner Diameter: 1.18 inch, on the back side
  • INSULATION: Rigid-polyurethane foamed-in place
  • NET WEIGHT: 92 kg (203 lbs)
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE: Ambient temperature +5C to 50C 
  • CO2 CONTROL RANGE: 0% to 20%
  • CO2 CONTROLLER: Microcomputer, Input by keypad
  • CO2 GAS CONNECTION: 0.157 inch to 0.36 inch diameter tube can be connected
  • CO2 GAS PRESSURE: 0.03 MPa(G) (0.3kgf/cm2(G),4.3 psi(G))
  • CO2 VARIATION: ±0.15% (ambient temperature: 25C, setting: 37C, CO2: 5%; no load)
  • CO2 SENSOR TYPE: Thermistor Sensor
  • CONTAMINATION CONTROLS: Standard 24 hr full chamber UV decontamination (SafeCell Ultraviolet Light) and Copper Alloy Interior Surface
  • DISPLAY: Digital Touchpad
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Direct heat and air jacket
  • HUMIDIFYING SYSTEM: Natural evaporation with humidifying pan, 95 %R.H.±5 %R.H.
  • INTERIOR SURFACES: Stainless steel containing copper

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