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4 Place 26-30mm Tube Rack 4-Pack
4 Place 26-30mm Tube Rack 4-Pack
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Lab Tube Rack 4-Place

Item# 00445UCO

This pack of 4-place, 26-30mm tube rack presents the basis for sample management in any type of laboratory.


  • 4 Place, holds 26mm to 30mm tubes / 50ml tubes
  • Easily disinfected if contaminated
  • Tubes will stay in place
  • Easily disinfected if contaminated, great for phlebotomy trays
  • Provides a safe, convenient way to carry reagents or patient samples in the lab
  • Holds reagents and calibrators for specific instruments and/or analyses
  • Great for securing, transporting, and storing meds in the field, refrigerator on freezer


  •  2.9in x 2.6in x 2.9in
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