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Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 17.3 Cu. Lab Refrigerators Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 36.5 Cu.
Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerators 36.3 Cu
Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerators 36.3 Cu
Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 36.3 Cu.
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Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 36.3 Cu.

Item# MPR-1014R

This pharmaceutical refrigerator offers a complete and integrated solution for the increased requirements of achieving strict and regulated storage temperatures for pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines and other temperature sensitive biological samples. 



  • Superior temperature uniformity
  • Direct airflow system
  • Cycle defrost
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Efficient refrigeration system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safety and alarm controls



  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 71.0in x 23.6in x 70.5in 
  • INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 66.9in x 18.3in x 51.2in 
  • EFFECTIVE CAPACITY: 1029 L (36.3 cu.ft.)
  • INSULATION: Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
  • SHELVES: Hard steel wire on polyester coating x 10 Allowable load; 50kg / shelf
  • ACCESS PORT: 30 mm in 1 location (left side)
  • COOLING METHOD: Forced cool air circulation
  • COMPRESSOR: Hermetic type Output: 250W
  • EVAPORATOR: fin and tube 
  • ALARMS: High temp. alarm, Low temp. alarm, 0C alarm, Air circulation alarm, Door alarm, Power failure alarm (with MPR-48B)
  • NET WEIGHT: 258 kg (569 lbs)
  • DOOR LOCK: 1
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Microprocessor Control System
  • AREA FOOTPRINT: 11.92 sq.ft. 
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Optional with LabAlert
  • SOUND LEVEL: 42/44 dB (A scale) (50/60Hz)

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