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Hospital Equipment: Keeping Costs Low with Used & Refurbished

Complaints aren’t anything new.  If there is a way to be dissatisfied, you can bet some people are going to find it.  In the case of the enormous costs of healthcare, the complaints are justified.  Health insurance companies seem to constantly deny needed medical procedures and are continuing to increase the out of pocket expenses for patients.  This adds up to a lot of frustration for both the medical community, who wants to treat people, and the patients, who desperately need the care.  As a result, some hospitals and doctor’s office are trying to reduce their operating costs as much as possible to keep rising costs down.  One way many are making a positive change is by purchasing used hospital equipment.  Of course, we aren’t talking about injection needles and gauze.  There are several benefits to deciding to buy used equipment.


The Advantages of Pre Owned Hospital Equipment


One of the biggest benefits of buying used hospital equipment is, of course, the price.  No one has to tell you how expensive a new X-ray machine is.  You already know.  Things as simple as surgery or clinic lights can easily cost thousands of dollars and those are dollars you have to recoup by adding it to patients’ costs.  By ordering gently used hospital equipment from a reputable online medical equipment company, you can avoid the high costs and hopefully keep your patient’s costs lower and help the office’s bottom financial line, all at the same time.


Another advantage of going for the already used medical equipment is variety.  You might be thinking that buying new would be more beneficial in this manner, but in some cases, used is truly better.  Some doctors and dentists discover they have a preference for a specific type of surgical or diagnostic machine.  Once theirs has been used past repairing it anymore, looking for a used model may be the only way the doctor can have their preferred equipment.  Naturally, advances in medicine lead to improvements in medical equipment, however, sometimes new are not always better.  As long as a piece of equipment is still viable medically speaking, there is no reason it can’t be used.


It might come as a surprise how many different types of hospital equipment items can be found used and for a much lower price than new.  As mentioned, clinic and surgery lights can be purchased used for a song comparatively.  Equipment for specialties like cardiology and gynecology are easy to find.  Specific cameras for endoscopy and colon exploration surgeries are also on the list of high quality, used equipment that can help your office or practice run more efficiently.  Dopplers and ENT equipment are popular used items as well.  Of course, you can also search out more common items like exam tables and hospital beds too.


For some hospital equipment new is going to be better.  However, in cases when it really doesn’t matter, going with used medical equipment products is going to save the office money and hopefully translate to lower prices for the patients.