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Diagnostic Tables With Additional Features

Diagnostic tables or examination tables in doctors' offices, clinics and even in emergency treatment centers often need to serve more than one role. They may be used both for patient exams as well as patient treatment, which means that versatility in design is possible even in these standard types of medical equipment.

One option in diagnostic tables is the addition of storage compartments under the table's surface. Depending on the style of the diagnostic table you can often select from drawers, cabinets with adjustable shelves, or a combination of drawer and shelves. This storage option is an important consideration since most patient examination rooms are notorious for lacking storage supply space. The drawers can be very handy for keeping small medical equipment safe and secure and the cabinet component can be ideal for storing blankets, larger medical supplies and patient samples. Open storage under the table may also be a good idea, particularly for frequently used materials. Since the tables are very stable and are not designed for movement this type of additional storage area can be a real advantage.

The actual design of the diagnostic table can also be a big drawing factor for one table over another. Some exam tables are specifically built to be highly space saving. The leg rest and head rest sections can fold down over the two ends, leaving the single center section all that is left to store. They can be as short in length as 52 inches, which is almost 20 inches shorter than a standard exam table. The with the leg rest extended the final table measurement is 68 inches ensuring it will be comfortable for all patients.

Since patients come in all different weights as well as heights it is practical as well as essential to have diagnostic tables that can safely support patients of all sizes. Most typical tables are designed to hold up to 350 - 400 pounds, but there are also bariatric tables that can support more weight very safely. These types of table can support patients of up to 600 to 800 pounds. Many of these tables have assisted lifts on the backrest as well as wider table widths. In addition step up platforms are part of the diagnostic table design for patient comfort in getting on and off of the table.

Deluxe styles of diagnostic tables may offer features that make them perfect for a variety of different types of patient rooms including those of specialists. A gas spring activated back rest makes it very easy to comfortable position patients without the need for manual adjustment that can be difficult for staff. These treatment tables typically are larger in size, but they also have combinations of under table storage options. These cabinets are usually fully enclosed with a laminate covering for a long lasting, durable surface. Typically these tables will also have a self-contained paper roll and cutter for immediate preparation of the table surface between patients.

Most of the durable, high quality diagnostic tables come with a manufacturer's warranty of up to three years. With this level of guarantee as to the quality of the product, including the additional features, they are a great investment for your medical office.