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Slip guard total liquid-guard shoe covers
Slip guard total liquid-guard shoe covers
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Slip guard total liquid-guard shoe covers

Item# X0962VMAX

These impervious shoe covers are constructed with our durable SlipGuard soles and tops made out of our unique fluid-resistant and breathable microporous LiquidGuard material. They provide a breathable yet impermeable barrier for workers against wet and dry hazardous and non-hazardous contaminant particles including lead, asbestos, paint, mold, dust, fibers, and grime and are especially effective where dirt, grime, splashes, sprays, and spills exist.


  • SlipGuard Soles – durable and impermeable laminated polypropylene material for lightweight, ultra resistance to liquids.
  • LiquidGuard Top – Constructed from our strong, breathable, microporous material with a laminate coating and matrix fiber construction that create a breathable yet impermeable barrier to hazardous and non-hazardous particles; dirt, grime, splashes and spills.
  • Leave no residue of shredding on floors
    Greatly reduce accidental fall related workers’ compensation costs
  • Sewn and packaged in controlled class 100 cleanroom environment
  • Highly anti-static treated
  • Available in non-sterile and sterile
  • Sterile: Gamma irradiated and validated to SAL of 10-6 per AAMI/ISO 11137:200
  • Sterile: Sealed in outer polyethylene bags as well as a separate inner-case, poly-bag liner

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