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Undercounter 2.3 Cu Ft Lab Refrigerator
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Undercounter 2.3 Cu Ft Lab Refrigerator

Item# PR-L2460

This under the counter or bench top scientific grade laboratory refrigerators are specifically designed to optimize cold storage for a variety of research applications.


Allows for easy installation under the counter, on a counter top, or within the knee-well of laboratory cabinetry. Units can be stacked and secured with stacking plates.

With clean lock design, undercounter refrigerators are made with lock on top for secure storage and reversible doors perfectly versatile for quick access of samples.

Panasonic undercounter refrigerators feature state-of-theart compressor technology. A large evaporator surface helps maintain precise temperature for research material.


  • Space-saving design
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Design versatility


  • EFFECTIVE CAPACITY: 65L (2.3 cu ft)
  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS:    18.6 x 19.9 x 25.2in 
  • SHELVES: 2 extended L shape shelves
  • ACCESS PORT:   Right side top
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE:  36F to 17F (2C to - 8C)

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