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Tips For Choosing Laser Safety Goggles

Many people that work with laser equipment, especially the higher powered laser systems, choose to use laser safety goggles rather than laser safety glasses. This is because the goggles provide more complete protection from direct beams as well as reflected and scatter types of emissions. Laser goggles come in a variety of styles and types, and choosing which is best can be a bit confusing. By following the tips provided below you should be comfortable in selecting the laser safety goggles that are best suited for your needs, provide full protection for your eyes, and that are comfortable to wear in any work environment.

There are two different types of lenses that can be found in laser safety goggles. The first type is the glass lens, which is leaded glass that is specially designed to provide maximum protection from radiation as well as resist breakage from direct laser contact. Both of these factors are very important in safety for the wearer. The other option when it comes to lenses for laser safety goggles is a polycarbonate lens. This is typically a lightweight and very durable lens that is resistant to scratching and highly practical in a wide variety of clinical and research settings.

The actual style of the laser safety goggles is really a personal choice. Most goggles are very similar in design and provide full coverage of the eye area to the top, bottom, temples and around the bridge of the nose. The areas of the goggles that are in direct contact with the skin are typically padded which prevents irritation with the goggles rubbing against the skin. This is also important if you are working in areas where condensation inside goggles could be a problem. Ventilation systems over the edge of the eyebrow area allow air circulation and prevent fogging up problems inside of the laser safety goggles. The goggles are held on the head using an adjustable wider elastic strap that goes behind the head just over the ears. The wider this strap is the greater the comfort when the goggles are worn for extended periods of time. With adjustment a simple pull or release of the strap, there is no need for each technician to have individual goggles since they truly are one size fits all. They can also be worn over prescription glasses, which is an important consideration for many professionals.

The lenses within the laser safety goggles will all be colored differently depending on the corresponding laser type and wavelength they are designed for. If you are not sure what specific OD or optical density that you need in the lens on your laser safety goggles check the manual and manufacturer recommendations listed in the data on the laser system. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States sets the standards by which all manufacturers and laser systems must be labeled with regards to safety equipment required. If you cannot find the information a Certified Laser Safety Officer can provide information or complete an OD test to ensure you have the correct type of lens for your safety.


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