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Linen & Laundry Carts

Linen And Laundry Carts: Sanitary Options


Linen and laundry are among the most overlooked aspects of hospital systems. Whether it is an in-house or outsourced service, it is important to obtain only the best linen and laundry carts available. No matter whether the items hold bedding, towels, patient gowns, uniforms or, it is important they arrive clean and leave without sanitation risks.


Types of Carts


Washing is only one aspect of a laundry system. Carts and other linen transport play an important part. These devices are available in different types. These include:


  • Aluminum Multi-Shelf Linen Carts
  • Enclosed Linen Carts
  • Fiberglass Linen Transport Carts
  • Hampers and Hamper Bags
  • Heavy Duty Linen Carts
  • Multi-Shelf Linen Carts
  • Poly Linen Carts
  • PVC Linen Carts
  • Rolling Wire Laundry Baskets


Laundry scales and linen cart accessories, e.g., racks, handles and bumper kits, are also components of this essential system.


Material, Size and Other Options for Linen and Laundry Carts


When determining the best type of cart, it is necessary to consider functionality, durability, and ease of sterilization. Construction materials are also important concerns. While stainless steel and aluminum are favorites due to their ease of sterilization, linen and laundry carts. As well as their accessories, come in other materials. These include fiberglass and plastic. Combinations of various materials are also common. When looking at purchasing equipment such as enclosed linen carts or rolling wire laundry baskets, consider whether they conform to the following criteria:


  • Proper size
  • Functionality - including volume of laundry
  • Availability of accessories and spare parts
  • Efficiency
  • Cost-effective


You also need to consider such aspects as shelving. When looking at multi-shelf linen carts, make sure it suits your needs. Ask if it is removable or fixed? Are the shelves compatible with the sterilization/cleaning devices? While many different types of linen and laundry carts are on the market, ensure you choose the right ones for your facility.