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Emesis Basins

Emesis Basins Enhance Hygiene and Efficiency in Medical Settings



Emesis basins are kidney-shaped collection dishes with sloping walls that are used in medical and surgical settings, and in homes. The small bowl is designed in the unique kidney shape so it fits snugly when placed against a patient's body. They can serve many purposes that include collecting everything from tissue or objects extracted from the body during surgeries to serving as a convenient emergency pan at bedside.


Emesis Pans are Found Everywhere Medical Personnel Work


The emesis pans are one of the most practical pieces of medical equipment used today. They can serve multiple purposes, including:


  • Collecting tissue, fluids or foreign objects removed from a patient's body
  • Holding soiled wound dressings as they are removed
  • Holding wash water applied to a wound from above the patient's body
  • Measuring output like urine
  • Collecting vomit when a bedridden patient is suddenly sick
  • Collecting rinse water used during oral hygiene procedures
  • Carrying as emergency basins used by emergency personnel on ambulances
  • Carrying as essential equipment by home healthcare workers
  • Maintaining at bedsides in nursing homes for emergency situations


Since the emesis basins are used for many reasons, they are found almost anywhere healthcare professionals work. They include hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, emergency facilities, emergency vehicles, dental offices, and homes where patients are bedridden or have limited mobility.


Designed to Perform with Efficiency


Emesis pans are kidney shaped to fit the curves of the human body. Pan features include:


  • Sloping walls to improve collection results
  • Concave inner rims to better conform to a person's body
  • Seamless construction for easier cleaning
  • Variety of capacities – 10 oz. and up
  • Variety of lengths – 9-inches and up
  • Stainless steel that can be sterilized, making the pans reusable
  • Disposable styles made of plastic for one use


Practical Medical Equipment


Emesis basins are designed to enhance patient hygiene by keeping fluids and other tissues and materials away from the body while also offering convenience to medical personnel. These inexpensive and indispensable basins can be purchased individually or in lots.