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Rongeurs Products Remove Bone and Thick Tissue for a Clear View


Rongeurs products are specialty surgical tools that are used primarily to cut away small pieces of bone or to cut tough tissue. They are like a type of specialized forceps or pliers with gouging or cutting tips, but there are many distinctive styles to accommodate specific types of surgeries such as orthopedic and neurological procedures.


Getting Straight to the Point with Angled or Straight Rongeurs


Rongeurs products are used in numerous surgical procedures that include:


  • Laminectomies or cervical spine surgeries
  • Neurological surgeries, i.e. pituitary surgery
  • Oral surgeries and maxillofacial procedures
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Podiatry surgeries
  • Hand surgeries


Rongeurs are angled or straight above the grips to accommodate various locations in the body.


Specialized Features on Rongeurs


Each style of rongeurs products has particular features. Some features to consider when selecting the appropriate rongeurs include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Angle of the shaft – straight or angled
  • Length of the shaft - 6-inch or 7-inch, etc.
  • Type of jaws – bite or cup
  • Type of bite - up-bite or down-bite
  • Bite angle - i.e. 40 degree forward angle, etc.
  • Bite size - 2 mm down-bite or 3mm up-bite, etc.
  • Cup size – i.e. 6 x 10 mm cup jaws, etc.
  • Type of tips – thin or thicker


The neurosurgical, oral surgery and orthopedic rongeurs products look more similar to pliers and the jaws are either straight, curved, or angled to the side. Bites are available in different sizes.


Large Variety of Rongeurs for Surgical Precision


Rongeurs are used in medical and dental surgeries, and for autopsies and cadaver dissections. The heavy duty instruments are often described by the type of procedure they are designed for, like "cervical rongeurs" or "pituitary rongeurs." It is a good way to begin a search for the ideal surgical instrument.