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Massage Tables & Chairs

Massage Tables and Massage Chairs: Differences and Similarities


Massage therapists require the best equipment to perform their treatments. The major two options are chairs and tables. Is there a difference between massage tables and chairs – beyond the obvious? What are the similarities? How do you choose what is best?


Differences and Similarities between Massage Chairs and Tables


You can consider massage equipment in a variety of ways. The major factors to look at are:


  • Purpose: A comfortable, relaxed massage is possible using both types of equipment
  • Position: On tables, patients must be recumbent; massage chairs allow patients to sit. This can prove to be more comfortable for masseuses since they do not have to bend over as far for any length of time.
  • Portability: Portable massage tables are available, stationary massage tables are the norm. It is more common to see portable massage chairs.
  • Accessibility: While massage therapy tables are readily available, chairs are more accessible, being present at airports, shopping malls, etc.
  • Apparel: For clients using standard and electric massage tables, protocol usually requests disrobing. This is not applicable for chairs.
  • Comfort: Both supply the same level of comfort. This, of course, will vary according to the model and style of the chair and the massage table. Accessories for either can and do affect the comfort level.


Massage Tables and Chairs: Massagers and Accessories


Like many other pieces of medical equipment, accessories can add to the experience. They can make these devices more efficient, comfortable and/or effective in delivering their services. However, while it is possible to find relief from certain types of pain, relaxation and stress-reduction in many massage tables and chairs, make sure to choose models that reflect the need of your clients while not negatively influencing your budget.