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Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tubs

Three Proven Benefits Of Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tubs


Treatment using hot or cold water to help heal is an ancient practice. In Egypt, China, Greece and Rome, hydrotherapy provided a natural means of helping the body heal. Research supports many of the claims concerning balneotherapy, aquatic or water therapy. The Roman baths are a classic example of combining pleasure and water to remove pain and stress. Modern versions of this system are hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs.


Purpose and Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy uses water internally and externally. The medium may be hot or cold, depending upon its purpose. Generally, cold water stimulates while hot water calms and soothes. The latter, in particular, is a popular form of treatment. An application can be site-specific or general in its focus. It is possible to use the right equipment to direct the water pressure etc. to a specific site. Two examples are:


  1. Podiatry Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Bathtubs
  2. Extremity Whirlpools Bath Tubs


In addition, two types of Hi-Boy Whirlpool tanks, Hi-Boy Whirlpool Tubs, and Lo-Boy Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Bath Tubs address issues affecting the lower extremities, the lower back, and hip. Hydrolift hydrotherapy whirlpools, slant back whirlpool bathtubs, and sports whirlpool bathtubs also stress a specific purpose or body component. Non-specific types of hydrotherapy utilize full body hydrotherapy immersion tanks. 


Benefits of Hydrotherapy Equipment


Hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs, including Hi-Boy Whirlpool Tubs, offer patients a variety of proven benefits. Among them are:


  • Reduction in muscle tension and pain
  • Aiding in the healing of injured joints and muscles
  • Relieving of stress and anxiety
  • Improving immune system capabilities
  • Reduction in fatigue


Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tubs


Water produces diverse effects upon the body. The results depend partly upon the temperature, pressure and delivery system. Hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs are one example where warm water provides a stress reduction while working with the body’s immune system and/or tissues, to help achieve healing.