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Surgical Spreaders Simplify Physical Tasks


Some medical tasks are physically demanding, like cutting through and spreading thick bones or removing hard casing casts. For this reason, there are specialty surgical instruments that make these jobs easier and quicker for surgeons and physicians, improving patient care at the same time. The surgical spreaders category includes cast spreaders and rib spreaders and contractors. These unique surgical instruments are designed to withstand the wear and tear that more delicate instruments could not handle when removing casts or spreading ribs during thoracic surgery. The cast spreaders are used in a variety of medical settings that include hospitals, clinics, physician offices and emergency care facilities. Thoracic spreaders are primarily found in hospitals performing major operations.


Cast spreaders and cast breakers are heavy duty surgical instruments that are available in different styles and made out of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. There are plaster spreaders with two-inch wide blades or three-prongs. The cast breaker is used to break up or cut off casts and has blunt-tipped jaws that are the same length as the handles. A slight blade curve and partially serrated blades ensure a good grip on the cast and minimizes the level of physical exertion required.


Rib spreaders are also heavy duty surgical instruments. They are used during thoracic procedures when the ribs are spread to give the surgeon a clear and full view of the chest cavity and to allow full access to organs and other tissues. Also called retractors, the spreaders have blades that slide along boards. They are available in several sizes to accommodate adults and children. Also available in different sizes are rib contractors, used to pull ribs together.


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