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Drug & Alcohol Tests

Fast, Efficient And Accurate Alcohol And Drug Tests


In today’s worlds, lab and field workers are often required to test individuals to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol in their systems. This could be for employment purposes. Athletes are another subject requiring regular testing. However, the most common subjects are operators of any motorized vehicle. Alcohol and drug tests generally rely on the physical. They utilize diverse bodily fluids to provide positive or negative results. In general, the biological specimens recruited and analyzed for this purpose are:


  • Blood
  • Breath
  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Sweat
  • Urine


Specific Methods for Testing Alcohol Content


When it comes to testing alcohol content, several possibilities exist. Diverse devices are available to measure one of two bodily actions breathing  and saliva secretion.

An intoxilizer breath screener or detector measures the level of alcohol on the breath. For providing the level of blood alcohol using the saliva, professionals utilize either test strips or saliva screen


Specific Methods for Testing Drug Content


For discovering the level of drugs in a body, it is essential to obtain a urine sample. This is valid whether the drugs are opiates, e.g., cocaine, opium, oxycodin or other types including marijuana and amphetamines. The two most common types of drug testing equipment are:

  1. Dips
  2. Cassettes

Kits are available to provide swift access to facilitate both alcohol and drug tests in the lab and in the field.


Characteristics of Quality Equipment for Alcohol and Drug Tests


No matter what type of test you are performing – alcohol or drug? No matter what the reason is. Tests need to conform to the following criteria to be successful:

  • Provide precise results
  • Simple to perform
  • Fast in rendering readings
  • Easy to read and comprehend

Depending upon the location of the test site, portability is also a desirable and even necessary quality for certain alcohol and drug tests