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Surgical Hooks

The Surgical Hook or Surgery Hook Snag Delicate Tissues



Whether it is called a surgical hook or surgery hook, the small medical instruments make it possible for the surgeon to grasp and separate small tissues like nerves and ligatures, and grip small muscles, among many other tasks. They are designed with a variety of hook ends and hook sizes so surgeons and veterinarians can choose the ones that are most likely to simplify procedures and improve accuracy.


A Surgical Hook Styled for Every Type of Surgery


Most surgery hooks are small instruments with a straight or curved shaft and a hook at the end. The hooks are designed to grasp, move, and sometimes remove, various types of tissues or objects like an IUD.


A surgical hook can perform specific tasks in procedures like the following:


  • ENT hooks – includes hooks for ear, nasal, tracheal, pharyngeal, etc. surgeries
  • Eye hooks – include hooks for eye muscle grip, iris surgeries, tenotomies, etc.
  • Nerve hooks – as the name suggests, this set of hooks can separate delicate nerves
  • Neurosurgical hooks – sharp and blunt hooks for manipulating tissues and nerves, especially during procedures involving the spine
  • Rectal hooks – includes short and long hooks for investigating the anus and lower rectum; removal of O-rings put in place during a hemorrhoid ligation procedure; also includes the hemorrhoidal ligator and the Buie suction tube for cleaning the rectum
  • Skin hooks – delicate hooks typically used in dermatologic and dental surgeries, and for wound closures
  • Uterine hooks – includes surgery hooks to assist with removal of tumors and polyps; stabilize the cervix or uterus during a procedure; extract intrauterine devices; etc.
  • Veterinary hooks – used for ovariectomy and other animal surgical procedures


Small by Comparison but Feature Rich


Compared to many medical instruments, surgery hooks are small. However, they are feature rich:


  • Single or dual prongs
  • Sharp or blunt hook, spatula shape
  • Straight or angled hook
  • Variety of handle lengths


Some hooks are designed with specialized handles to increase grip security. For example, the blunt eye hook handle has a finger ring. Sets of surgical hooks are also available for surgeries that include cataract, amputation, plastic surgery, mastectomy, and others.


Stainless Steel Makes Surgical Hooks Reusable


Surgery hooks are made of stainless steel, so they can be sterilized and reused. This makes them practical, reusable, and economical wherever surgeries and other invasive medical procedures are performed.