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Medical Office Cabinets

Medical Office Cabinets for Easy Organizing.  Let us assist you with configuring your office space at no charge.  Send specs to 713-706-4161 fax or inquiry@msec.co

If you wish to furnish the exam rooms or other rooms in the hospital it is important you invest in durable medical office cabinets. Healthcare facilities can now find affordable options when it comes to medical cabinets. These cabinets are designed keeping in mind the storage and work needs of healthcare facilities and their staff.

Medical office cabinets are available in various sizes and styles that are easy to maintain. There is an extensive selection of finishes from laminate to stainless steel doors and drawers. Designed to create as little noise as possible, the doors close soft and have a load capacity of about 75 lbs. Most medical cabinets are pre-assembled and can be installed in no time. Some of the options available are:

Free Standing Office Cabinets – The free-standing cabinets come with lockable doors and with various cabinets.

Narrow Base Cabinets – Designed for facilities with limited space. Available with one door or multiple doors. You also have narrow base cabinets with sinks included.

Sink Base Cabinets – These are quick to install and are ideal to be used in office rooms, exam rooms, and small clinics where hand washing is a necessity.

Treatment Cabinets – The treatment cabinets are designed keeping the needs of the medical professionals in mind. The innovative designs certainly compliment any clinic or a hospital room.

Wall Mounted Cabinets – The modular wall mounted cabinets come with adjustable shelves and also includes all the necessary hardware.

Wide Base Cabinets – The wide-based cabinets are perfect for any medical facility. These cabinets provide ample storage and are available as pre-assembled units which make installation easy.

Hospitals can also choose from various other furnishings to complement the medical cabinets and complete the setting.