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Medical Carts

Medical carts are necessary fixtures in any healthcare environment.  Todays market offers a vast inventory of medical carts that will fit any treatment and exam area.  Medical carts are designed to be highly versatile.  From medical equipment carts, medical supply carts, anesthesia carts,  medical utility carts, to mobile medical carts and medical storage carts your facility needs are customized into the cart you purchase.


There are many factors to consider before purchasing medical carts.  The primary factor to consider is the purpose of the cart.  Do you need a cart to store anesthetics?  Do you need a cart for instrument storage?  How about storing medical records, medications, and/or equipment?   If security is an issue, you may need a unit that locks.  You will need a cart with locks on doors and drawers.  Do you need a unit that is mobile or stationary?  What material do you need your cart to be made of?Hospital cartss are constructed of stainless steel, industrial strength aluminum, and units of heavy-duty plastic.  The aesthetic appeal of your medical carts can be just as important as their utility.  This is why many of our modular units can be ordered with a wide variety of color options to coordinate with the surroundings of your professional healthcare environment.