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Fitness & Rehab Merchandise

Fitness & Rehab Merchandise for Home and Medical Facilities


Injuries often lead to the need for some sort of physical therapy. Physical therapy's primary goal is to return the patient to his former strength level in the injured body part. This usually means that the patient will undergo exercises to rebuild the muscle lost during that convalescence. The physical therapist might require  rehabilitation equipment in such cases to take the form of balance boards, or physical therapy tables. Other types of equipment used by physical therapists could include general exercise equipment such as resistance bands and exercise balls. Exercises prescribed by the physical therapist should be carefully followed by the patient if he is continuing his therapy at home. The patient's form while doing the activities needs to be paid careful attention, since poor form could result in further injury. Continued compliance with the therapist's recommendations is necessary in order to properly rebuild the muscle and prevent one side of the body being stronger than the other. This could lead to poor posture and pain or increased risk for injury.

Before buying resistance rehabilitation equipment, the patient needs to consult the therapist and follow recommendations in selecting the right size and right equipment depending on the physical limitations as well as the weight and height of the patient. Also, certain equipment such as treadmills could be used by all patients but other equipment such as exercise balls come in various sizes that will differ between patients. It is best to consult the doctor beforehand.