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Bariatric Equipment

With obesity rates climbing, it is the medical communities desire to assist bariatric patients on their road to recovery and better health by providing them and their caregivers with the best bariatric equipment available. Professional today understand the needs and accommodations of bariatric patients and we carry a vast array of bariatric equipment to meet these needs.    Below are a few brief descriptions highlighting a small selection of the bariatric equipment available today.  Be sure to evaluate your options when selecting bariatric equipment to ensure all of your needs are met.


Bariatric equipment is designed to assist with personal mobility.  The various models of Bariatric Wheelchairs are constructed with extra-strength components to withstand long term use with minimal maintenance.  They also feature heavy-duty wheels with airless pneumatic tires.  Various models of Bariatric Recliner Wheelchairs are designed with aerospace grade reclining cylinders that provide smooth and safe reclining movement.  All bariatric models feature spring loaded caster forks, extra large calf pads, and reinforced upholstery.  For extra support and comfort go with bariatric wheelchair cushions which are designed for heavier weights.   The bariatric walkers and bariatric rollators provide sturdy, dependable support while sustaining the compact, lightweight engineering found in standard models.  These items are crucial to patients on the road to rehabilitation.