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Mortuary Tables

Modern Mortuary Tables Support New Techniques


Mortuary tables are also called embalming tables, and are used for autopsies, embalming, temporary body storage, dressing the deceased for a funeral and for teaching purposes at medical schools. Though embalming is an ancient process, it has been modernized in many ways in terms of the chemicals and procedures. The functional mortuary table simplifies the process and provides enhanced protection for the person handling the body by directing human and embalming fluids away from the medical personnel, coroner or mortician.


Mortuary Tables Designed for Ease of Use


Embalming tables have a number of features that are intended to simplify the process of moving and handling the deceased person's body. Some of the features to look for include:


  • Easy drainage of fluids away from the body and the person handling the body
  • Splash control design
  • Easily cleaned
  • Ease of raising or lowering the table
  • Load capacity
  • Minimum and maximum height
  • Degree to which table can be tilted
  • Storage options
  • Ease of transport if used outside the facility
  • Locking wheels


There are several types of height adjustment mechanisms: hydraulic, manual and one-hand release. Some tables also offer space saving storage because the legs are foldable and the table can be stored on edge. The decision to buy the hydraulic table versus a manual table depends on factors like budget, intended use, need to transport the table and frequency of use.


Durability and Reliability


There are two important qualities that all mortuary tables should have, no matter what style is chosen. Those qualities are durability and reliability. Stainless steel construction offers durability and easy cleaning. Reliability depends on construction and quality of hydraulics or controls. Once embalming tables are tilted, wheels locked and height adjusted, the table should retain the settings without slippage.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Co. (MSEC) offers both hydraulic and manual embalming tables. The tables are priced to fit every budget. Our knowledgeable technical staff can provide additional information and answer questions to help with the buying decision.