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Surgical & Exam Lighting

High Quality Surgical & Exam Lighting Enhances Patient Care


Surgical & exam lighting plays an important role in ensuring physicians and other healthcare professionals can perform their medical examinations and procedures with accuracy in hospitals, clinics and physician offices. There is a large variety of lighting options, reflecting the diversity of facilities and people delivering critical healthcare services today. For example, different lighting is required for an operating room where major surgery is performed versus a physician office conducting in-office patient examinations. Each lighting option offers different voltage, wattage, arm flexibility, lux or lumens and certifications providing assurance the lighting meets tested industry standards.


Lighting is available as floorlighting, single or double wall or ceiling mounted lighting, hand held lighting and more. Each type of lighting offers a different set of features that are designed to provide the right amount of glare and shadow-free lighting to ensure the healthcare professional is not hindered during surgery or a medical procedure. Innovative lighting comes with halogen or LED lights, different design features to ensure functionality and versatility, shadow management, consistent lighting distribution and much more. Each type of surgical & exam lighting is carefully designed to provide the user with the right amount of light, ease of use and adaptability.


Quality does matter when selecting surgical lighting, medical examination lighting and medical procedure lighting. Leading manufacturers have invested significant resources into ensuring the lighting is state-of-the-art, energy efficient and high performance. High quality lighting also addresses principles like value for the money, durability, reliability, sterility and safety of the medical professional and the patient. Unlike buying lights for the home or office, surgical, examination and procedure lighting needs to provide illumination precisely where the healthcare professional needs it and not distort colors. 


Lighting options and accessories are also available. They include disposable light handle covers and a mobility base on casters for gooseneck lamps. Lighting is available in a wide price range. MSEC staff are always ready to assist clients with selecting the ideal lighting to meet their needs. .