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Infection Control

In today's fast paced and highly mobile world, the spread of different types of airborne diseases is definitely on the rise. Just recently the H1N1 pandemic was in the news and the concerns about protecting individuals from these types of influenza viruses and other types of bacteria have never been higher. Using new, cutting edge types of technologies such as ultraviolet sanitizer units to rid the air of these contaminants is the most effective and efficient way to ensure the air circulating through your building or workplace is contaminant free.


Ultraviolet sanitizers are typically associated with hospital buildings, doctor's offices and clinical types of settings. Often long term care facilities such as nursing homes and rehabilitation centers also use some type of ultraviolet sanitizer in common areas or as part of an overall disease prevention program. Virtually any healthcare facility will have some form of airborne contaminant management system; however these older systems, many which simply include UV lighting, are only partially effective.