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Medical Tables & ENT Chairs

Medical Tables to Provide Efficient Patient Care

Medical tables are used by a number of healthcare facilities around the world as they facilitate a simple and an efficient way to conduct a medical examination. Patients too are kept at ease while they are being examined. Medical tables are available in different colors and styles so that they suit the specific needs of a hospital or a clinic.

Medical tables are an important part of any medical facility and there are many types of these to choose from. These options include:

Treatment Tables – Treatment tables are a must in any medical facility. One can choose a standard table or others like treatment table with a built-in pillow or treatment tables with storage shelves. There are several varieties in which to choose from.

Cardiac Exam Tables – The cardiac exam tables are designed especially for the syncope assessment and include both hand and foot controllers. The height of these tables can also be adjusted with ease.

Family Practice Exam Tables – These tables are comfortable and sturdy at the same time are again available in different styles. Some of the best models are:

Manual Exam Table Four Storage Drawers
Power Access Exam Table
Power Hi-Lo and Manual Back Exam Table
Motorized Procedure Table
Some of the other kinds of medical exam tables that are available are
Stainless Steel Tables
Surgical Tables
Diagnostic Tables
Hi-Lo Power Exam Tables

With the widest selection available, medical facilities can choose from the technologically sophisticated medical tables or those that are simple in their design. Whatever your choice is, let your focus be on patient comfort.