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Suture Sundries

Surgical Suture Sundries: Everything From Carriers To Scissors


Medical procedures are complex and highly organized efforts. Staff must prepare the exact instruments. This includes not only highly specialized tools. It also entails certain tools that fall into the category of “sundries.” When it comes to clinical procedures, suture supplies embrace a variety of instruments. Surgical sundries include all kinds and variations of suture supplies. Surgical suture sundries embrace a vast array of suture supplies fulfilling the demands of many medical procedures.


What Are Suture Sundries?


Suture sundries is a broad category. Common kinds that fall into this category are:


  • Ligature carriers: Available in a great variety of sizes and shapes, this device facilitates in the positioning of ligatures during specific procedures, e.g., urology procedures
  • Littauer suture scissors: These scissors are particularly designed for cutting skin sutures
  • Stitch scissors: This type of scissors comes into play during the performance of one of two actions placing a suture/stitch or removing one
  • Suture needles:  As the name indicates, these thread the suture. The thread varies as does the size and shape of this device 
  • Suture forceps: Available in either straight or curved styles, these devices are intended to applying the finest of sutures. They may also have or lack a tying platform
  • Bone wire guides: These manipulate wire into position to stabilize bones
  • Surgical wire cutters: For the removal of pins and wire from surgical implants 


Surgical Suture Sundries: Kits


For those medical professionals who are involved in fieldwork, it is possible to purchase the items in a kit form. They are ideal for disasters and other related situations.


Factors in Selecting Surgical Suture Sundries


When selecting surgical suture sundries, medical professionals must consider the following factors as significant:


  • Specific application and intent
  • Speed
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of use


By keeping the options in mind, it is possible to ensure the procedure advances with the utmost care of the patient in mind.