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MRI Safe Equipment

MRI Safe Equipment: Ensuring Personnel And Patient Safety


With MRI usage on the rise over the past few years, it is important to ensure the safety of all staff and patients working or treated in magnetic resonance environments. It is essential to implement comprehensive safety measures, including MRI safe equipment. In fact, all clinics and medical facilities must train their personnel and institute an active, dedicated program. They must institute a protocol to ensure this.


MRI Safety Protocol


An MRI safety protocol must have zero tolerance for any error. To be successful, it should adhere to these basic principles:

  • Assess the actual and potential risk for MRI hazards
  • Establish optimal practices in both patient care and MRI safety matters
  • Educate all concerned personnel

An important adjunct to this is to purchase only the best MRI safe equipment. These include a variety of apparatus. Among them are:


  • MRI Safe Emergency Carts
  • MRI Safe Equipment
  • MRI Step Stools
  • MRI Wheelchairs


All these equipment, because of their construction, can safely enter an MRI room.


MRI Safe Equipment: Material Requirement


One part of keeping an MRI environment safe and secure is to make certain all equipment in use is capable of operating without producing negative results on those who employ the equipment and those receiving treatment. Equipment passing the necessary tests falls into two categories:


  1. MRI Safe: This is the highest level of MRI equipment.
  2. MRI Conditional: This type of equipment is safe for use under certain conditions in specific MRI environments.


While different levels of safety are in place for MRI safe equipment, for any piece of equipment to qualify for entry into the MRI room, it must be non-magnetic. Even wheelchairs entering the space must conform to this characteristic. Failure to realize the dangers inherent in introducing magnetic equipment into a designated MRI facility can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.