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Acupuncture Models & Charts

Acupuncture Models and Charts: Learning About One Form Of TCM


Technology makes it easier to comprehend certain health issues. However, since the 1980s, people have become interested in traditional forms of Chinese medicine. One of the most popular forms today is acupuncture. Learning how to perform this can involve an integration of computer graphics and AI. However, it can also, be less complex, with students utilizing acupuncture models and charts.


Teaching Tools


Human acupuncture – there is also animal acupuncture, is an ancient Chinese form of traditional Chines Medicine (TCM). Based on the concept of ensuring the balancing yin and yang by preventing stagnation of the energy forces – “qi" or “chi,” in the body’s channels or meridians, the practice of acupuncture restores balance uses pins/fine needles to puncture the skin at specific points along the body’s 12 meridians. Before practitioners can perform on individual patients, they need to rehearse their actions. Models provide them with this opportunity.



In ancient China, the first acupuncture models were comprised of wood. Today, the most common material is plastic. Some models are available in PVC. For Human acupuncture models to be effective, certain qualities must be present. They must:


  • Be anatomically correct for both male and female models
  • Be washable
  • Be durable
  • Display each pressure point clearly
  • Be carefully mounted for easy access and control
  • Come with a manual


Acupuncture Models and Charts


Acupuncture is an effective method to relieve pain. Like other forms of TCM, it is also possible to employ it to treat a diverse number of health issues. Learning how to perform it- where to “stick” the needles, can be difficult. Employing such visual and practical teaching devices as acupuncture models and charts helps students discover and practice identifying meridians and pressure points. For the skills to develop appropriately, make sure the human acupuncture female model or male model is an accurate tool.