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Medical Room Furnishings

Factors In Selecting Medical Room Furnishings


Selecting medical room furnishings should never be haphazard. Whether the need is to replace or install patient chair recliners or dunnage and garment racks, management needs to approach the matter with care. It is important that every piece of patient room furniture embody certain factors, to successfully fulfill their designated and apropos functions.


Basic Factors in Selecting Patient Room Furniture


When it is necessary to install furniture in patient rooms, hospitals and other medical facilities need to get it right the first time. They cannot afford costly mistakes. When choosing even such basic items as adjustable hospital beds, hospital privacy screens and curtains or even hospital TV stands, it is important to consider several significant factors. These are:


  • Aesthetics: Functional/practical does not have to exclude style.
  • Bariatrics: Adjustable hospital beds and chairs must be able to address the issues of overweight and obese patients and their visitors.
  • Cleanability: Unless it is easy to clean hospital patient furniture, the items pose a serious health risk.
  • Durability: The pieces must be able to withstand the wear-and-tear of hospital life
  • Ergonomics: Make sure the beds, chairs and other furniture is comfortable and suitable for its tasks.
  • Technological compatibility: Overbed tables and hospital TV stands must be able to accommodate the latest technology for patients, friends, and physicians.


Keep in mind these key variables, but do not ignore other factors. It is hard to quantify the need to make sure the environment is not sterile but inviting to both patient and visitor alike.


Medical Room Furnishings


Hospitals, like airports, have a reputation for being ugly. Their furnishings tend to leave much to the imagination. However, when it comes to furnishing patient rooms with everything from adjustable hospital beds to dunnage and garment racks, to patient chair recliners, it is possible to combine attractive qualities with functionality and durability.