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Choosing Athletic & Rehab Equipment

A Path to Faster Recovery with Rehab Equipment & Physical Therapy


Injuries happen to everyone. In some cases, patient will have to undergo extensive rehabilitation therapy to get back to their previous physical capabilities. Whether it is an athlete recovering from a sports injury or a geriatric patient is getting over a hip surgery, they will all need the right  rehabilitation equipment to fully recover. Depending upon the recommendations of the physician, that  rehab equipment can take many forms. An informed patient will be better able to select the proper equipment for his needs. This will expedite his full recover and return to an active life.


There are different forms of  rehab equipment. During rehabilitation, many patients have moderate to high levels of pain. While pain medications might be prescribed by their physicians, these might not be enough or they might have adverse side effects, rending them harmful to the patient's use. In such instances, the patients might consider using electrotherapy. This can take many forms and it can be delivered in different ways. Some of these include hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs, electrical stimulation units, peripheral nerve stimulation units, or transcutaneouse electrical never stimulation (TENS) units. These all deliver a mild shock which stimulates the nerves to help relieve pain. These methods are non addictive, and they have been proven safe for most patients. Patients who are pregnant, nursing, have metal implants, have high blood pressure or heart disease should discuss using this form of rehabilitation equipment. Those who have a pace maker should not use electrotherapy as a means of pain relief since the treatment could interfere with the pace maker resulting in potentially life-threatening fibrillations.

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