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Medical Face Shields

Personal Protective Devices: The Medical Full Face Shield


Working in the healthcare industry requires certain personal protective devices. Gloves and face shields are the most commonly recognized types. However, while standard medical face shields offer a certain level of protection, it may not be enough. In some situations, a full face shield is more effective.


What Are Full Face Shields?


A face shield covers the mouth and nose. This is the norm in many healthcare facilities. It protects patients and medical personnel from the potential risk of causing and/or spreading infection. Full face-shields, on the other hand, offer more extensive coverage. As the name indicates, they extend over the entire face. Incorporating the head as well, such medical equipment provides wearers with complete facial protection from potential risks from infectious substances.


The Role of Full Face Shields


A medical full face shield is a personal protective device. It protects the mucous membranes of the face and surrounding areas including three important organs:


  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Mouth  


These devices provide medical professionals protection against:


  • Spraying of blood
  • Spattering of bodily fluids
  • Splashes of excretions
  • Showering of secretions
  • Full face-shields help minimize the risk of HAIs.


What to Look for in a Full Face Shield


When in the market for full face shields, it is important to consider the following features as imperative. Look for shields that


  • Fit: A good fit to your face and neck is essential to ensure complete coverage.
  • Are Secure: The headband must hold the device securely in place
  • Are Comfortable: They must be comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Provide Visibility: Good full face shields do not fog-up. They do not have a glare. They must remain clear no matter what the circumstances
  • Offer Durability: Face masks must not scratch or crack


Overall, the best full face shield provides clarity and optimal personal protection.