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Floor & Exercise Mats

Make Exercising Safer with Floor & Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are a must-have for a safer and a comfortable workout. These not only provide the needed padding but also enhance the quality of your workout. The padded layers mats designed specifically for exercising keeps our body and joints safe as they reduce the impact of exercises that we do. Generally, these exercise mats are overlooked as they are considered “just a mat”. Once you start using an exercise mat, you realize the added protection against slippery surfaces. There is no longer a risk of sliding or falling while doing the stretches. These exercise mats make the workout enjoyable as they provide physical comfort and added stability to the body.

High-quality mats even make the workout comfortable by absorbing the sweat which is dripping off one’s body. Apart from all these features, exercise mats are economical and a one-time investment. There are a number of exercise and floor mats available and you can choose from the below mentioned:

Reversible Platform Floor Mats: These are reversible mats with blue on one side and grey on other. The features of this mat are:

a) Nylon-reinforced vinyl
b) 2 inches of thickness and 100 I.L.D. urethane foam padding
c) 4 Handles attached so that they can be easily moved and stored

Physical Therapy Incline Mats: These incline mats are great for activities related to physical therapy as well as the gravity assisted exercises. The features of this mat are:

a) Heavy-duty covers are able to resist the roughest exercises
b) Support is given by the dense 55 I.L.D polyurethane foam
c) Zipper closures are able to take immense stress
d) Available in foldable and non-foldable designs
e) Can be easily carried and stored by folding in half

One can also choose from various other kinds of exercise mats available based on the features and their requirement.