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Surgical Instrument Trays

Multi-Purpose Instrument Trays Protect Medical Supplies


Instrument trays protect medical instruments in several ways. They hold instruments during the sterilization process in an autoclave, protecting them from damage. The trays are useful for transporting medical instruments from one location to another. They are also used for storing surgical instruments, keeping them sorted when not in use and making it easier to do inventory counts.


From Plain Trays to Specialty Trays


An instrument tray can be a standard stainless steel pan, but that is the most basic version of this practical item. The standard version is a solid stainless steel tray that is available in different sizes and with two basic cover configurations that include flat and domed. However, there are many specialty trays designed to accommodate specific types of medical supplies. They include:


  • Catheterization trays – holds a set of supplies needed to collect sterile urine samples
  • ENT trays – holds a set of supplies needed for completing sterile ENT procedures or surgeries
  • Eye trays – holds a set of supplies needed for eye procedures or surgeries
  • Perforated trays – perforations enable better instrument sterilizing and drying
  • Mesh trays – wire mesh enables thorough sterilizing of medical supplies and equipment by allowing unimpeded air flow
  • Drying or hospital trays – A shallow tray design that enables medical personnel to select the necessary medical instrument at a glance


Versatile and Practical


The various trays are designed to be versatile in terms of the ways they are used. For example, stainless steel trays can be autoclaved, instrument storage units, or units for safely transporting instruments when the lid is in place.  They are practical in several ways.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Seamless construction on most products for easy cleaning
  • Flat lids enable instrument trays to be stacked
  • Durable


Found Everywhere There are Medical Personnel


Every medical facility has instrument trays. They are in hospitals, research and pathology laboratories, physician offices, clinics, and emergency facilities. The trays are also a critical item in the operating room, enabling the soring of instruments by type or need for efficiency.