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UV Air Cleaners An Investment In Respiratory Health

In studies published in the January 2002 Environmental Health Perspective the benefits of UV air cleaners were demonstrated. The research found that UV air cleaners and UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) were both economical and effective in reducing the risk of exposure to mycobacterium. In addition highly problematic microbial organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is almost impossible to control using other methods, can be very effectively managed through the use of UV products.


The major issue with many types of non UV air cleaners that have been used in the past is that they are simply not that effective. According to the World Health Organization of the United Nations, as many as thirty percent of all office buildings around the world are considered to have unhealthy air quality. This leads to a condition known as sick building syndrome and causes to up to 64 million Americans having some type of illness while working on the job. These illnesses are often low grade flu problems, respiratory problems, chronic colds and increasing problems with asthma and allergies. UV air cleaners can be easily installed that will provide protection for the employees, thereby also increasing profit and efficiency in the workplace.


UV air cleaners have a real advantage over disinfectants and other types of solutions and products. They are actually designed to kill all bacteria, molds and viruses that are in the air, making the risk of coming into contact with an irritant, allergen or contaminant in the workplace much less likely. UV air cleaners can be mounted directly into existing air conditioning systems, irradiating and killing germs and microorganisms as the air circulates through the building. This can also be an effective way to control and eliminate mold, a significant contributor to respiratory health problems.


Since air conditioner coils themselves are a perfect growth spot for bacteria and mold, it only makes sense that treating this area with UV air cleaners will dramatically reduce the amount of airborne contaminants.  Adding HVAC UV air cleaners that have a germicidal action is both cost effective as well as helps to provide employees with a very safe and healthy environment in which to work.


UV air cleaners can also include mobile room sterilizers. These types of devices are highly portable and lightweight, providing spot treatment in various problematic areas of the workplace. While historically used in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, these devices are perfect for any type of room or office where mold, bacteria or even viruses may be present.


Cleaning the air using a UV product is simple and easy. The UV light bulbs are specially developed using a technology that is designed to be able to penetrate through the protective coating on the airborne microorganisms and destroy the internal DNA. When the DNA is destroyed by the UV air cleaners the germ or spore is literally dead, unable to cause damage or to spread.