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Laser Eye Safety Tips

No matter how carefully managers, clinical supervisors, and technicians are trained in the importance of using the right type of eye safety equipment, there is always a natural tendency for people to become complacent or to forget. Having information sessions, keeping a rigorous requirement for laser eye safety training, and insisting on enforcing standards for anyone present in the laser's area are just a few ways to make eye safety a major emphasis in the workplace. The following are a series of laser eye safety tips that will help keep everyone in the research lab, or medical facility focused on the importance of eye protection.

Set Rules For Everyone

Requiring everyone to participate in laser eye safety procedures whenever entering a room or area where lasers are in use is a big factor in stressing the importance of protective glasses or goggles. This means that everyone from visiting professionals to the office managers and clinicians all have to wear their safety eyewear in the designated areas of laser use. It is virtually impossible to require employees and technicians to follow through with wearing laser safety eyewear if those in charge are not following the directions and guidelines set forth within the facility.

Know OSHA and ANSI Regulations

Both OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, set out very clear regulations and policies for the use of laser eye safety devices for use with different classes of lasers. By knowing the policies and reviewing them with staff on a regular basis, the health risks in not wearing the appropriate safety gear will be reinforced for everyone. In addition, the health benefits of wearing safety and protective eyewear can easily be stressed, ensuring that all employees understand how important laser eye safety is..

Analyze The Workplace

Where more than one laser system or a dual laser type of system is in place, knowing exactly what the safety requirements are is also critical. When equipment is replaced or upgraded, doing a thorough analysis of the workplace environment and upgrading any laser eye safety requirements is important before the new laser system is installed and used. Since even small amounts of exposure can cause long term damage, having this all in place the first time the equipment is used poses the lowest possible risk to any employee.

Provide Ongoing and Pre-Work Training

It is important to include laser eye safety in training on any type of laser system, even the very low powered Class 1 lasers. This is because these lasers, if any type of beam focusing system is used, can create a possible eye damage risk. By including training in safety as part of pre-work or pre-project training and reinforcing this with the experienced staff, you have much fewer issues with safety compliance.

Survey Before Selecting

Allowing employees to try out several different styles of laser eye safety wear can help in finding a comfortable option that they are more likely to wear. Since not all glasses fit everyone the same, having several options will allow employees to select the one that they like and that is comfortable, both factors that will help with continual wear according to your safety regulations.

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