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Portable & Handheld Nebulizers

Pediatric Tracheostomy Aerosol Therapy Mask

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Pediatric Tracheostomy Aerosol Therapy Mask

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Nebulizer, T Mouthpiece - Pack of 4

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VixOne Nebulizer - Nebulizer, T Mouthpiece 7 ft. Tubing *Note: RX is requir ...

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Nebulizer, T Mouthpiece, 7ft Tubing, Side Stream

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Nebulizer, T Mouthpiece, 7ft Tubing, Side Stream *Note: RX is required for ...

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Most full sized nebulizers are very large and they are required to be plugged into an outlet, usually at home or in a physician's office, in order to operate. Portable nebulizers do exist for patients who travel or need to be able to administer their inhaled medications away from home. There are many choices for the patient for handheld nebulizers which are powered by rechargeable batteries. These free the patient from having to take their inhaled medicine at home.


Nebulizers are used to turn respiratory medications, most often corticosteroids, into a mist which is then breathed in passively in a treatment which typically lasts between ten and twenty minutes. For some patients, this is the most effective method of receiving his breathing medication, but in many cases, lengthy breathing treatments are an inconvenience to the patient, since the time necessary is too long to sit still at home. Having a portable nebulizer increases the odds that the patient will comply with daily breathing treatments by making it more convenient for his schedule. Since nebulizers are used to control symptoms of and prevent flare-ups and attacks of asthma and COPD, their regular use is imperative to the patient's health. If making it easier for the patient to take his breathing treatment with him, allows him to keep up with the regime, then a  handheld nebulizers is preferable to a full-sized machine.


Due to the fact that handheld nebulizers are battery operated, the patient must be certain to maintain their nebulizer both in its power supply and cleaning. To ensure that the nebulizer will not fail during the middle of a treatment, the patient should always plug it into an outlet to recharge as soon as possible. The number of treatments per charge will vary greatly depending upon the length of the treatments and the model of the nebulizer. After use, the nebulizer must be properly cleaned to prevent mold growth. This means that the mouthpiece should be rinsed out and air dried after each treatment. The nebulizer mouthpiece  or cup should be washed at the end of the day with warm, soapy water. About twice a week, it will be necessary to disinfect the nebulizer by rinsing it out with a vinegar and water solution or a disinfectant. In all cases, clean the portable nebulizer in a dust free room and always allow all the parts to air dry. By following these steps, mold growth can be prevented.


If you did not find the portable nebulizer you are looking for, please post a question to our expert or contact us toll free at 1-877-706-4480, and we will find what you are looking for at the best possible price.


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