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1500cc Suction Canister Stem Lid with Tubing and SafeSorb

Item# 50744DNYDMD
Retail Price: $196.34
Your Price: $163.98

1500cc Suction Canister, Stem Lid with 20" & 6'''' Non-Conductive ...

in stock Unit: 16/case
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Medical Disposable Suction Canisters

Item# 30008002CMGDM
Retail Price: $234.97
Your Price: $191.52

1500 ml Stem Type 6 in Diameter

in stock Unit: 48/case
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JumboJug Large Volume Suction Container

Retail Price: $235.16
Your Price: $196.40

Extra large capacity, the JumboJug will save surgical time by eliminating t ...

in stock Unit: 6/case
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2400cc Suction Canister

Item# 10008002CMGAHP
Retail Price: $235.05
Your Price: $199.25

2400cc, DISS Lid, connects directly to Suction Regulator

in stock Unit: 36/case
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