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Novametrix 8100+ Pulse Oximeter and Co2 Monitor

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The Novametrix 8100+ pulse oximeter and CO2 monitor is a continuous, non-invasive monitor specifically designed for the set-up, management and weaning of the mechanically ventilated patient. Comprehensive VCO2 and alveolar minute volume trends and critical Vd/Vt and deadspace measurements guide you through all phases of patient/ventilator management.

Product Description:

  • Reconditioned units
  • 90-day warranty
  • New batteries installed
  • New Finger probe (Reusable adult)
  • Excellent condition
  • 110/ 220 volt compatible 60/ 50 Hz

Product Features:

  • Efficient ventilator management: Provides a continuous respiratory profile, including CO2 production and deadspace measurements
  • True determination of patient status: Critical flow, pressure and volume measurements are made at the patient's airway rather than inside the ventilator
  • Versatility: Works with any conventional ventilator and can be used during intra-hospital transport
  • Enhance graphics: Can be connected to a personal computer for enhanced graphics and trending
  • Safety: Capnography, pulse oximetry and respiratory mechanics are combined into one easy to use monitor 
  • Low volume and pressure volume loops screen: Excellent tool for assessing airway obstruction, response to bronchodilator therapy, and lung overdistention from overpressurization
  • Continuous display of flow and pressure waveforms: Monitor ventilator adjustments, determine obstructions, dssynchrony, and valuable for setting the inspiratory and expiratory times
  • Alveolar minute ventilation and CO2 production trend screen: Continually displays patient's ventilatory requirements and their response to the weaning trial
  • One of the available data screens: All measured and calculated data is presented in logical formats(includes minute volumes, timing and flows, respiratory mechanics and CO2, volumes and pressures, deadspace and CO2 production)


Parameters Measured :

  • Parameters include ETCO2, SpO2, VCO2, mixed expired CO2, MV, VT, compliance, resistance, PIP, MAP, PEEP, (also identifies auto-PEEP), PIF, PEF, I:E, ti, te, rapid-shallow breathing index, and deadspace-related calculations: airway deadspace, alvolar minute ventilation, alveolar tidal volume, and with user entry of PaCO2: physiologic deadspace, alveolar deadspace, physiologic VD/VT.

Trend Memory:

  • All parameters trended for 24 hours, battery backed, available through serial output. VCO2, VT, and MV alv available on-screen.


  • Type: Dot matrix, cold cathode display (CCD)
  • Size: 5in W x 1.5in H (12.7cm x 3.08cm)


  • Limits: Adjustable limits for ETCO2, SpO2, respiratory rate, pulse rate and no respiration
  • Audio: Adjustable volume, 2 min. silence or OFF (LED indicators)
  • Visual: On-screen indicator and red "alert bar"
  • RS232 communication output
  • Connects to a personal computer for printing and enhanced graphics and trending.


  • Size: 3.3in H × 9.0in W × 8.0in D
  • Weight: 8 lb


  • Power requirements: 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 30 VA
  • Battery: Sealed lead acid gel cell, 2 hr. life, 12 hr. recharge
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Novametrix 8100  Pulse Oximeter and Co2 Monitor
Novametrix 8100 Pulse Oximeter and Co2 Monitor
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