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What to Look for in Dental Handpieces.

In order to do any job correctly, you have to have the right tools.  A construction worker doesn’t show up to the job site without his hammer and tools and of course, you have to have the right equipment at your disposal as well.   Naturally, your hand mirrors, scrapers, and other items are an important part of your day, but you really couldn’t get any work done without high quality dental handpieces.  Unfortunately, the less than ideal models of the past have given these dental drills an incredibly bad name; however they are still a vital part of your practice.  The days of amazingly loud and sometimes harmful handpieces are over.  With modern technology at your disposal, dental handpieces are better made and more effective than ever.  Take a look at some of the features you should keep in mind when it comes time for a new handpiece for your office.

Every good dentist thinks of their patients’ comfort first, but in order to be an effective dentist, you have to think of your own as well.  There are a lot of manufacturing companies out there that have excellent dental handpieces available.  These tools are pretty individualized though.  It’s imperative that you chose a drill that fits well in your hand and ergonomically suited to your body and dental style.  Most dental professionals find one model they like and stick with it.  You could take that approach or continue to check out other styles in the event that an even better dental handpiece comes along.  Whatever approach you take to choosing your dental handpieces, be sure they are comfortable for you to use.  The last thing any dental professional wants is to make a mistake due to hand or arm fatigue from an ill fitted handpiece.

Just as important as your comfort while working on patients, you also need to ensure that your dental handpiece is one very effective piece of equipment.  It’s imperative to ask questions about the handpieces cutting efficiency, its durability, and precision.  The quietest, easiest to use dental handpiece isn’t worth a thing if it can’t stand up to daily use and perform its job properly.  At that point, it becomes a hindrance as opposed to a help.  Quality and good workmanship has to be high on your list of priorities when it comes to stocking your office with the best dental handpieces.

We mentioned patient comfort earlier.  Naturally, it’s important to keep that element of your work in mind.  Among those people who refuse to see the dentist, most of them claim fear of the dental handpiece as their biggest reason for doing so.  The high pitched sound the equipment makes is upsetting to a huge number of patients.  The speed of the motor and bit found in most dental handpieces is the culprit for making the sound.  If it’s possible, finding a handpiece that is less high pitched and noisy may help your patients feel more comfortable.  However, the quality of the instrument should always take highest precedence.