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Your High Speed Handpiece is about more than Speed

After spending years working towards your career in dentistry, it only makes sense to do the best job possible with the best tools of the trade.  You are already familiar with how high quality equipment and tools work to the benefit of your patients as well as your performance.  Along with your handheld mirrors and probes, one of the most important tools in your oral health arsenal has to be your high speed handpieces.  Of course, for the majority of your patients, your handpiece is their least favorite aspect of their visits and treatment plans, but without it, you can’t repair the common dental problems like cavities and preparing teeth for procedures like implants and crowns.  If you are in the market for a new high speed handpiece, there are some features you should really keep in mind. 


When it comes to using a high speed handpiece to its best advantage, the tool’s construction is vitally important.  You know you do your finest work when you are comfortable and feeling energized.  When you are shopping for high speed handpieces, it’s crucial to pay attention to the design of the tool.  It should fit comfortably in your hand and not add any unnecessary strain to your arm and hand.  Weight is also a consideration.  Fortunately, most websites selling dental supplies offer statistics on every item.  If you are planning to purchase your high speed handpiece from a reliable online source, be sure to double check the dimensions and weight of your choices.  A couple of minutes spent checking your facts can mean the difference between having a handpiece that is perfect for you and one that makes your job more difficult.


You can’t go wrong looking for a high speed handpiece that is designed to ensure precision cutting performance as well.  The best way to ensure that damage to the teeth and gums is kept to a minimum is to work with tools in good condition.  If necessary, ask about the motor size and speed as well as the estimated turbine service life.  Another aspect of purchasing a high speed handpiece is the tool’s torque.  Look for a product that guarantees constant, reliable operation through the use of torque.  It’s also important for the handpiece to offer low vibration for your comfort, as well as that of your patients’. Any good dental retailer should have all of this kind of information available and be able to explain it all to you easily.  Keep looking at different products until you find the one you are sure will function well and is made to be durable.


With high speed handpieces, consistent torque for smooth operation, a pleasing design, and reliable performance are vitally important.  You will find with these well made pieces of equipment, you can look forward to quieter function and comfortable prep work on your patients.  In dentistry, along with a caring, educated professional, the right tools and equipment are vital for good patient care and your high speed handpiece should be of the best quality.