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Lead Aprons are More Than a Fashion Statement!

While the medical and dental communities have the job of trying to keep everyone safe and healthy, there are simply practices that can have an adverse effect on the people involved.  The most famous of these practices is taking x-rays.  A huge amount of radiation is necessary to get the imaged needed to properly diagnose and treat a person.  Both the patient, as well as the medical or dental personnel performing the x-ray needs to be protected.  This is where lead aprons become so important.  For the patient, the areas not to be x-rayed are covered with a heavy apron.  The professional on the other hand, is encouraged to cover as much of their body as possible and still perform the x-ray.  Take a look at a few of the reasons why lead is so effective at eliminating the effects of radiation.


Anyone who has ever had an x-ray done or is trained to perform them, knows that the heavy lead aprons are used to shield their bodies from the potentially adverse effects of radiation.  Radiation poisoning is a serious illness and not something that should ever be left up to chance.  One of the reasons lead is the right material for radiation elimination is that it is such a dense material.  With its chemical and physical make up alone, lead is very effective for stopping radiation rays.  Naturally, even lead aprons can’t stop all of the radiation rays.  To further protect themselves, those in the medical and dental fields who are responsible for taking the most x-rays are likely to wear tags that continually monitor the amount of radiation around them.  It’s just an extra step to try to ensure that all is well and safe in the workplace.


Of course, it would be impossible to protect patients quite so completely.  After all, he or she is the one who has to be imaged to discover the medical or dental problem.  However, lead aprons can and should be used to protect the patient from any unnecessary radiation rays.  That is simple enough to do as long as the office or clinic is equipped with the proper lead apron supply.  You see, there are certain times when the standard lead apron isn’t going to be sufficient. Every measure is usually taken to avoid x-rays during a woman’s pregnancy, but sometimes they are essential.  In those cases, special maternity lead aprons are the only appropriate kind to use as they are specially designed to protect the mother and the unborn child.  Other women who should be especially careful is ladies with large breasts. It’s crucial to be sure the lead apron used is large enough to cover the entire breast area and not leave any tissue on the sides exposed.  For male patients, lead aprons for the groin area are an absolute must as well.  Thanks to the specialized lead aprons available for both patients and medical or dental professionals, the risk of radiation problems can be seriously diminished.  It’s very important to be sure the lead aprons used are in good condition and sufficient for the job they are required to do.

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