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Prescription Safety Glasses Are Safe And Stylish

If you work in a lab environment and also need glasses you may have found in the past that you are stuck wearing both prescription and safety goggles or lead glasses at the same time. While this is a good option if you only occasionally need eye protection, wearing the two different sets of glasses can become irritating and even annoying over time. A better option to consider is having a set of prescription safety glasses that provide protection for your eyes as well as the right lens for your vision requirements.


Prescription safety glasses can have a leaded lens for use around x-rays and other types of specialized equipment or they can be regular safety lenses. Most will be leaded since eye protection with two pairs of glasses, one leaded and one prescription, can be awkward and even painful after long wear time for most people. Selecting different styles of prescription safety glasses to suite your face size and shape is an important consideration since comfort and ease of wear is a huge factor for most people.


There are several different styles of prescription safety glasses. The Euro style is very popular and provides a secure, safe frame and lens combination for the eyes and surrounding area. The Euro style is similar to an aviator type of glass with a larger lens area for unobstructed vision. In addition the lightweight frame, which is just 75 grams, comes in different colors. You can choose your prescription type from single vision to bifocals or even progressive lenses depending on your individual requirements and vision needs. Pricing depends on the type of lens you require and typically takes just a few days to be custom made and shipped directly to you.


Another very popular style in prescription safety glasses is the wrap style. Although very traditional in design they are popular because they are comfortable, durable and come in a variety of frame types. The frames are slightly heavier than the Euro styles, but only weighting in at 87 grams, still very comfortable for long or short term wear. Like the Euro styles they are also available in all types of prescriptions along with a no-prescription option for those that just need protection without specialized lenses.


Prescription safety glasses can also have a variety of different features. They may have straight arms or traditional hooked arms for a comfortable fit under caps or other safety or medical headgear. Some models and styles of glasses have spring hinges on the arms for a snug, comfortable fit while others have fully adjustable frames with regards to the temple length. Most styles of glasses also have molded or non-slip rubber nose pads to keep the glasses in place when being worn.


Side shields for protection to the sides of the eyes and the temple area may be fixed on the glasses or optional. If you are considering prescription safety glasses you definitely want to shop around and find out the options available before making your final decision. There are several stylish and very practical styles out there, perfect no matter what your eye protection needs may be. To order prescription safety glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.